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Day hunts.

Hey all. Just moved here to Albany with my wife who is the new Albany Air Force recuiter. Have spent the last 8 yrs in NM, did a lot muley hunting there. My question is being that i'm not going to be able to go hunting for days at a time, i'm looking for a place close by to hunt deer that i could go and return each day. I've made a few trips to Newport on 20 and see lots of woods but man HILLS HILLS HILLS. Any tips would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks, -Troy

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Day hunts.

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are wanting an open country Mule Deer hunt, you have to get east of the cascades. West of the Cascades, you've got the Blacktail and much thicker(jungle) cover. If you want deer hunting close to Albany, i'd try finding some timber land where they limit the road access. Then learn the Clear Cuts and where the deer are.

If you go on the Fish and Game website and look for the Access and habitat programs, you'll see some areas fairly close to you.

Also, wheyhauser(spelling) has info on their website for areas where they let you hunt.

The best option would be.... Knowing someone who raises crops over there, and will let you on their property..

If you want Mule deer, you will have to plan for more time.

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