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Day 3 is in the books

Well, day 3 and no sign of moose...at least live ones.


Opening day was really windy....like gusting to 50 mph and a steady 20-30 mph blow. Heard three shots early in the morning. Evenly spaced and there's no duck pond on top. Somebody got one down. It turns out it was probably the cow that was checked in at 450#. We hunted all day, didn't see any fresh sign. Tried a different place yesterday. We found a gut pile and some fresh poo but we also found a bunch of hunters. We set up the decoy and started to call. Two hunters with a reed type moose call moved in on us and tried to call us to them. This happened two times. Same guys by the sound of their calls. We pulled the plug and moved out of the area. This morning we hunted the same area we hit opening morning, except this time without the wind. Still no dice. We moved to an alternate spot for the afternoon hunt. On the way there I called the check station to see what's been taken in our unit. It turns out they took a 650# bull out of that spot yesterday. I saw his tracks a month ago and scouted the area a week later. There's still a cow and calf floating around there. Six days left. The F&G website said the success rate for the opening weekend was 32% statewide. Tomorrow is a solo day for me. The weather is supposed to be good so I'm hoping for the best.

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Going solo on your moose

Going solo on your moose hunt?  Yikes, better post up here later today so we know you are okay.... Thumbs up

Hopefully you are having some success out there.....

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My sub has to work tomorrow, too. Then he'll be able to hunt Thursday through the weekend. I figure I'll just take a knife, fork, salt and pepper and eat him right there. Big smile

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