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Dangit! Wyoming hunt falling through

My friends from California just called to say they have to back out of the Wyoming antelope and deer hun we had planned.  Anyway, just in case you guys didn't know, you can still modify your application until June 3rd for Wyoming.

I guess I'm still going to ride out the trophy deer tag, just not going to have a back up deer tag, then going to go with my usual antelope units. 



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That sucks !


That sucks when they back out at the end. ::bs If you need a partner next year...... :evil:

Good luck on your Wyoming hunts this fall, especially with the trophy buck tag.


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Sorry your friends couldn't

Sorry your friends couldn't make it out with you. I hunt alone sometimes but if going out of state it's just not the same if my son or dad aren't with me. I only have one friend I hunt with but since he got married last year that has pretty much ended for now. He made a bad choice in middle aged desperation.Huh?

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Damn thos guys from

Damn thos guys from California!!!!!! lol

Sorry to hear that Exbio.  If I hadn't planned my whitetail trip to Vermont already, I might consider a Wyoming lope hunt.  Hav e some buddies that do pretty well up there on public land, and I love the taste of the meat. 

Always something I have wanted to do.

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I love Wyoming's system, that

I love Wyoming's system, that allows you to make modifications so close to the draw.  That has helped many times.  I wish more states were that way.

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Exbiologist -   I am sorry to

Exbiologist -  

I am sorry to hear that your hunt isn't going to pan out with your partners, but thanks for sharing the info on the application modification rules in the state of Wyoming.



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