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Dang it!

Well the rut is starting to heat up here in CO!

This last weekend had a herd of about 30 come thru the lodge pole pines I was sitting and watching!. Heard the herd bull bugling like crazy and he was chasing a cow around pretty good. Blew my cow calls a few time and he could have cared less. Very nice 6x6 with good mass!! There was a good 5x5 trailing the herd....blew the hoochie mama a couple times and next thing I know he is headed straight towards me. Now this is my first year bow hunting and I must say I was shaking in my boots. he got to about 40 yds and stopped staring straight in my direction. I do not think he saw me as I was next to a pretty gopod sized tree. He turned to look down the hill as to where the rest of his kin were...at that time I blew the call again and he started forward again!! " Oh yeah here he comes" is all I could think!!! He stopped at 25yds still facing me straight on. He must have stood there for aleast two minutes...driving me nuts. He had stopped in between two trees and just sttod there not moving. My budd who was up hill from me a bit had a good angle at about 35 yds but as I said he stopped in between two tress...no shot all he could see was is hind quaters and his head. After the two minutes he turned and walked back the way he came. I did stop him again at about 45 yds as he looked back again for one more look.

Being that it is my year with a bow....I have to call the season a sucess not matter what happens from here.

Maybe next weekend!!!!

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Dang it!

Wow! That's bow hunting, Great encounter Thumbs up A kill would have just been the cherry on the icing on the cake Yes Now you can look forward to going back out lol

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