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Dad's Old Rifle

I just love Dad’s old rifle!  It’s a real classic; sproterized Remington 1903 30-06 Sprg, with ebony tipped fore end, Monty Carlo stock, leather sling, and a Weaver K6 scope and rings.

He got it in the late forties or early fifties and willed it to me when he died.  It resides in an antique gun cabinet that is made from cherry wood collected from his mother’s childhood home.  (Right next to his vintage Winchester model 12 16 GA and his dad’s old L.C. Smith SxS 12 GA.)  He loved that rifle and shot many deer with it in the Alleghany Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Now I love that old rifle too.  I know part of my affection for it is its connection to dear old dad but it deserves love in its own right. 

First of all it deserves respect because it may have been used in the service of our Country.  It’s time honored claw extractor and tested 30-06 chambering add much appeal.  Topping it off with the fixed power weaver and leather sling just make it so lovable.

I thought about adding new optics and changing the recoil pad but just couldn’t do it.  I have scheduled a gunsmith to thoroughly clean it and check the head spacing but that’s it.  It would be wrong to change it.

Now I just need to sight it in and find an elk to use those 180 grain federal vital shocks on.

I would love to hear about your dad’s old gun.

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welcome to BGH

Sadly my dad is not a hunter or shooter, so I'll be the one passing down cool old guns.



Wait!  I had to edit this because I forgot I bought my folks a S&W 686 for Christmas!  It's a pretty sweet limited edition 5" barrel, full lug, unfluted cylinder, part of the TALO 3-5-7 series.  So I'll probably have that coming back my way eventually.

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My Dad's Old Gun

I have shared this before somewhere, but I'll tell the story again here.

When I was a kid, I remember watching dad get his old Winchester 94 out and get it ready for his annual deer hunting trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was chambered in .32 Special and he never put a scope on it.

When I was older and started buying guns of my own, I remember him telling me that he bought that old 94 in 1955 for $55.00. It was used at the time, so it was probably manufactured somewhere in the early 50's.

Well, as time went on, I learned that pre 1964 Winchesters were a little more valuable than those made later. That particular rifle may not have been real valuable, but it did have some sentimental value, and I sort of looked forward to having it in my gun rack some day.

After my dad retired, they decided to move to Florida, and one day they called and said that they were going to have a huge basement sale - everything had to go. They wanted us to come over and take whatever we wanted before they had the sale.

When we got there, I asked if he was going to take his rifle with him to Florida. "Oh", he said, "I already got rid of that, plus my other guns." "Really?", I asked. "Yeah", he said - "and get this - I paid $55.00 for that old lever action back in 1955, and I got $55.00 for it after using it all these years. Pretty good deal, huh?"

That's the story of my dad's old gun. Cry baby

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I've ran into a couple of

I've ran into a couple of those type of sales but that was before I had any money to buy the rifles.  I still kick myself thinking that I should of went and found some friends to loan me the cash just to buy them. 

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Sounds like a great old rifle

Sounds like a great old rifle and your right to get it checked out just to be on the safe side. The most important thing is that it was your dads and and leaving it the way he used it will add to the attachment. Fortunately my dad is still using his old rifle right now and hopefully will be for quite a while longer.

I do have my grandfathers rifle and was able to kill my first rifle deer with it when I was a kid. A very good condition model 64 deluxe .30wcf made in 1934 I believe. I finally used it again last year to take another doe with it and my dad used it to take a nice 4 point buck.

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I'm lucky enough to have 2

I'm lucky enough to have 2 guns passed down from my father - one is a Mossberg 20 guage that he received from his father/uncle.  He used it while serving in Arizona for pheasant and odly enough, boar hunting??  The other is a J. C. Higgins 16 ga. passed down from my grandfather to uncle to me.  Being fairly close to my Uncle, I guess that counts??  Grand dad used the 16 ga. in Michigan for deer hunting.  The neat thing about this one is he carved the checkering into the stock.  Did a pretty good job to.  Unfortunately, he broke the stock while hunting and had to drill and placed a dowl into it.  I won't replace the stock, but am a little hesitant to shoot it.  I've had it for several years and have never shot it, in fact.

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My dad's still very much

My dad's still very much alive, kicking, and hunting.....

When the time comes, hopefully many years from now, I will have to make room for the following:

Springfield bolt action 30-30, .348 Winchester, Single shot shotgun (Not sure make), and some other cool guns.

As I said though, hopefully awhile down the road.

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I'm glad to hear (read) all

I'm glad to hear (read) all the great stories.  It's really great to have your dad around, and great that we can share the love of hunting and guns while they are still around.

I love all the old guns.  Yea it's a shame when they get away too, so make sure ol dad knows how much you apretiate them before he sells them.  The Win model 94 was a real keeper especially in that old timey chambering.

One of my dads huntin buddies always used a Savage model 99 chambered in sav 300.  I thought it looked funny at the time but now realize how cool it would be to have one.

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