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D16 tag

Well looks like I missed out for D16 this fall, quota has been filled. Waited just a bit too long. Although I did get my X10 zone. Looking forward to Turkey season.
I am new to this site looks like I will fit in just fine here. Hello fellow hunters and fisherman

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Welcome to the site.  I am

Welcome to the site.  I am also a D16 hunter.  The last few years, the success rate (Not for me), and quality of bucks in the area has gone up substantially.  This was mainly due tot he last couple of fires that swept though the area.

Because of this, the A-22 and D-16 tags for the area go really fast.  Best thing to do is to actually apply for it in the drawing, that way you're guaranteed to get one.  I went out Saturday and found lots of sign, but no deer.  Might make it out once more, but I have Vermont hunting and a pig hunt scheduled, so things are a little tight.