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D16 San Diego, Mt Palomar Deer Hunt, any input appreciated!


I'm looking to hunt deer in San Diego, D16- specifically Palomar Mountain for the 2009 rifle portion of the season.

I've hunted Kitchen Creek, south of the I-8 a few times and saw nada, other than some Mexicans that poached a doe.

I just got a forker-horn in Northern California, C2 near the Iron Canyon Resevoir last week, and am itchin' to hunt San Diego.

Can you give me some advice on access? I've been using Google Earth and checking maps just north west of Lake Henshaw... Oak Grove area...

I'm open to going anywhere... not limited to this area, but any advice you can share is much appreciated.

happy safe hunting!


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Re: D16 San Diego, Mt Palomar Deer Hunt, any input appreciat

Hey Bammer,

I'm new to this sight. I was doing so much research when decided to hunt her in San Diego. I decided to try Palomar moutain. Everyone i talked to here local in the "Good Ol' Boys Club" told me Fry Creek Camp grounds. I scouted it out and there was way to much human signs and I didn't like the 15 plus trucks in the campground. instead of going that route. I drove about a mile down the road to a pull off area and parked scouted out the area and seen a deer highway. I knew if there was deer there. I like the fact that there was no other trucks and for being on public land I was far enough away from the other hunters. the area I hunted was awesome and I seen 5 does the first day (opening day Saturday) and what appeared to be a spike. Then I went this Saturday (Halloween) and I stayed in the same area got there early and I got to shoot a decent 1x2 its a legal buck and it made my day.

I have taken many deer around 30 or so and this was the most exciting. I was thinking being stationed in California and Deer Hunting yea right. So I was happy if you need more info I can be reached at junior00jay@yahoo.com

Also I'm looking into turkey hunting if anyone knows good areas here in San Diego.

Later and Good Luck