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CWD found in Pa.

The 2012 deer season was dismal and the occurance of CWD in central pa. made it worse. There were two confirmed cases of CWD in deer shot in Bedford and Blair counties. During the winter the game commission held a meeting and discussed the prognosis of what was to come and it isn't good. We are now in a containment status where they are trying to limit the exposure of the disease. It is now illegal to remove the head and spinal parts from the area that they are harvested in. Even the professionals are giving mixed comments whether the meat should be ate although they said that eating the meat hasn't proven to be harmful to humans. Some hunters have given up deer hunting altogether and I am on the fence about deer hunting this year! I love to hunt and will continue to hunt turkeys, but I am leery about how much my area has been exposed to the disease. I know other states have been fighting this battle for a while now and would be interested in hearing from other hunters who hunt areas that have been exposed to CWD. To add to all of this is the fact that deer numbers in my area have drastically been reduced over the past decade.

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this is just my opinion on

this is just my opinion on CWD, but from what I have seen I think it has been around for a lot longer than people think and it is already every where. I don't think it has any effect on people but with that being said if I was to kill a deer or elk that was obviously sick whether it was cwd or something else I wouldn't eat it. Not any different than a cow or pig. My dad killed a deer in the 50s that was sick, when they heard of cwd they he thinks that is what the deer had. No way to test it now. Just my 2 cents.