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CVA Kodiak PRO

What does anybody know of this muzzleloader? What has anybody heard of this muzzleloader? Think

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CVA Kodiak Pro

I have a Kodiak Pro and I like it. It shoots well, cleans easy and has a nice camo finish. Only issue I have found is the hammer. If you are wearing heavy gloves it could be difficult to cock the hammer. The hammer is small and mostly recessed into the "rolling block". I have had no misfires with 209 primers, however my hammer is not strong enough to ignite small riffle primers with the vari-flame adapter.

I have yet to hunt in Colorado after moving here 18 months ago. I still have to find a Colorado legal conical bullet. I plan on buying and testing several in the next few weeks. Any advise is always appreciated.

Good luck!

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muzzleman- Use power belts

muzzleman- Use power belts they are legal and do one he11 of a job of anchoring deer. sureresults would be the same with elk. shoot well too.

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i'd look into the Thor

i'd look into the Thor conical www.thorbullets.com   just email them and ask for the free sizing sample and it comes with 4 different sizes so you can find which your bore takes.


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While each muzzle loader will

While each muzzle loader will shoot different bullets differently and will prefer one over the other my recomendation would be the Thompsom Center Maxi-Balls.  My side lock loves them. 

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