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Customer Service (part II My Soap Box)



I am with the rest of American on the amount that I can spend on Hobbies, I have become very in tune with Customer Service. Am I getting a Good Value for my money and Am I being treated right.

In order to shoot as much as I like, I must reload: 800-1200 shotgun shells, couple hundred pistol and 100+ rifles round per month plus any hunting or special events I want to do. Yes I have a large ammo bill, or I could go to the bar and drink it.

Part II of  On my Soap Box: http://www.biggamehunt.net/forum/my-soap-box-hammer

You will find the letter that I sent the company: via their Web site and US Postal System, not once but twice, I am sorry to report that I received NO Response, Nothing, Zip. I encourage each and every sportsman to make you own decision. If you are receiving your perceived value for your dollars, let people Know. If you are not let the company know what you think, Voice your opium and talk with your money.


Copy of Letter I sent:





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                                                                                                                                                                                6 October 2011

2nd Attempt for contact: As you can see from the letter below, I have attempted to contact your company, I have yet to receive a response.

I hope that your customer service is better than this; at this point I am not sure. 

I would enjoy hearing from you before I need to purchase my fall supplies.


To Whom it May Concern:                                                                                                                           17 Sept 2011

Today was a well planned day for the process of reloading. I had planned to do all my fall reloading.  On  12 Sept,  making the  trip to local Cabela’s store (edge of Reno Nv.) and purchased my supply of bullets all happen to Hornady.

(2) boxes of #3045 lot # 2100500—1 box Qty 98, 1 box Qty 99

                                (2) boxes of #2453 lot # 2110247 - - 1 Box Qty 97, 1 box Qty 99

                             (1) Box of  #2278 Lot # 2110385 - - Qty 99

                                (1) box of #22281 Lot # 2110324 - - Qty 101

I am sure that Hornady has a solid Quality Control program and there will be problems that slip though the process. It is extremely frustrating when 5 of 6 boxes are short, one is over.


Very Respectful

Michael Bird

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I don't reload right now so I

I don't reload right now so I can't comment on those items but I know what you mean when it comes to customer service. We are haveing a problem with a 22 rifle that cost quite a bit and so far have gotten no response from the company that imports them. There are many companies out there that value thier customers far more and I will be sure to research better on any new purchases or mostly just stick with the one I can trust.

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I have had good luck with Hornady in the past, but now you have me wondering whats in the boxes I recently purchased.

Sent an E-mail to Hevi-Shot.  Bought a box of Hevi-Metal 3" BB to pattern and try on geese.  A handfull of shells had very concave crimps, indicating some of the shot or buffer was missing.  I wrote them, telling them they have a problem. They returned my e-mail with a message saying they would contact me soon (?). Thats been better than a week ago, nothing yet.  We'll see if I ever here from them.

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  M.Bird - you are better off


M.Bird - you are better off going back to Cabelas to review the package shortages as they should honor a return for exchanging with complete boxes of the items originally purchased.   Since these are reload bullets and not a complete cartridge they should accept them for return/exchanging.  Customer service these days continues to be spotty.  It sounds as if Hornady may be loosing another customer if they don't respond.  They already lost me.


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File a complaint with your

File a complaint with your state weights and measures division.  They regulate the net quantity of consumer packages.

Packaged goods offered for sale are inspected for proper labeling and quantity as marked.The inspection protocol used is outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Handbook 133.Contact InformationSparks Office
2150 Frazer Avenue
Sparks, Nevada 89431

Phone: (775) 688-1166
FAX: (775) 688-2533 


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Couple boxs short one bullet?

Couple boxs short one bullet? One box two short? One box one over. Are you also upset with the box with one over? With as much ammo as you reload, how do you find the time to count bullet's in a box? I had a bullet in a box once that the exposed lead was at the base of the bullet. I called Hornady and told them about it. I did not want a new bullet, rather just to let them know. Of course if boxs are consistently shot one or two bullets, thats not good. Call Hornady! I have used Hornady bullets for a whole lot of years and never had but the one problem mentioned above. Of course I have never counted the number of bullet's in any box of bullet's I've bought! I think, not sure, that bullet's are loaded into boxs and a considered full by weight.

Again, call Hornady.

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They are sold by count, not

They are sold by count, not weight, although they may weigh the boxes when filling them.