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Customer service on German optics?

Are they in line with Leupold's customer service AND warranty work? I had a Leupold VXIII and was satisfied. Had to seel so now I am in the market again. I have been looking into Shmidt & Bender and Zeiss both in 56mm. I now nothing about their service and warranty work.

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Customer service on German optics?

I don't have any personal experience but I don't think they would be able to stay in the upper end of the optics market if they had poor customer service.

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Customer service on German optics?

A dear friend of mine had a pair of Sawarskis and left them on the back of his truck losing them somewhere on his 80,000 acre cattle ranch. He found them 4 years later. THe glass was missing and coyotes had chewed the body up pretty good. He sent them back and they sent him a new pair for free. Now, if i could afford to BUY a pair of Sawarskis!

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Customer service on German optics?

I got a pair of leica 10x42's and they have good customer service and warranty.

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Customer service on German optics?

My experience with Zeiss is that they seem to be reluctant to help you or even answer a simple quastion once you have given them your hard earned money.

I dropped my binoculars at the range and they were fine, but I wanted to know what shock tolerances (if any) were built into Zeiss binoculars so I called their customer service number to ask that simple question. All they would tell me is that Zeiss binoculars are not indestructable. Okay I get that. Nothing is indestructable, I know. I was not asking them if their products were indestructable. I even pressed them to have an engineer there give me a reasonable answer. All he would say is the same thing "they are not indestructable!!" Guess what?? If I ever loose those binos or they get stolen I don't think that I'll be giving Zeiss anymore of my hard earned money. I'll be looking to buy either Steiner, Kahles, Nikon, or Leupold.

You know, for what Zeiss charges for their products I would at least expect to find some information on their website about shock resistance and expect them to be able to give me a reasonable answer to a simple question. If they have no shock resistance, then why can't they just be sincere and admit that they over-charge for something that the customer is not getting??

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Customer service on German optics?


Kahles ( I know they aren't German) binos are only warranted for the ORIGINAL owner. I bought a used pair from SWFA and I need to have them looked at.

I figured I couldn't go wrong buying a really nice pair.........If only I had done my homework first!! Brick Wall,)

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