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custom built bows?

I've got a left-handed PSE Nova bow that I got off eBay for $128- came with a quiver, TruGlow sites and 3 arrows with practice tips on them. The bow itself is okay except for where the arrow shaft sits- I lost 6 shots today because the shaft kept slipping between the 2 metal pieces or completely fell off. I would have FINALLY killed a deer this season if it hadn't been for that.

Is there a site that lets you design your own bow? I heard that PSE offered a fully customizable option at one time but couldn't find any more info besides that. I'd love to build a bow from the ground up but I guess it'd be cheaper to just a buy a package then customize from there, right? Anybody have tips for building a bow from parts yourself? I really want to get into hunting more this year and I think archery might be my best bet- people are more willing to let me hunt their property with a bow than with a gun.



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I guess I don't understand

I guess I don't understand what you mean by the "2 metal pieces"?  Perhaps the arrow rest?  If so perhaps the rest is worn or it needs to be centered up with the bow string using a center serve.  It could be also that your draw is much longer than what the arrows are cut too and your pulling past the rest, which can be dangerous.

Making a bow is a challenging process and you might be ahead to either fix the Nova that you have or purchase a packaged bow.  Many manufactures are producing complete package bows that have everything but arrows and are nearly ready to go.  A local bow shop could help with picking out a package or perhaps even a quality used bow.  A may be even possible to use some of the accessories you have (the Truglo sight, quiver, etc) and have them installed on a new entry level bow.

If your just getting into archery it really will help to have a good bow shop (or experienced archer) helping you.  From setting the draw length, to the correct draw weight, to sighting in the bow it can be a bit rough when getting started...

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Yeah, arrow rest. Lol. I couldn't remember what it was called. I like the Nova because it's lightweight but there's a couple things that I'd change if I could. There's a local hunting shop that might be able to help me out with getting me set up with what I need so I'll ask them.

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