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Curtains on the Deer stand ????

anyone had luck using curtains for a deer stand?

I build a brand new deer stand this year.... my right and left side have a wood half wall and burlap above so i can sneak a peak......the front has a wood half wall and no curtains.

Could I add curtains to help obscure my position/movement ??? or would it interfere with my shooting too much??

I was thinking of using burlap cut into strips about 4-6inches wide and hanging them with a small gap in between for shooting....

i got my first chance using the stand this evening and the instant i moved in the stand all eyes were on me so i wasn't able to get decent shot

let me know your thoughts

I may also decorate myself with the same burlap to make me harder to see on contrast

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Curtains on the Deer stand ????

I think the material should be nailed fast. I have seen deer walk into view and the first thing they look at is the tree stand with the loose curtains flapping around and in the process look strait at you. Once the tree stand is there a few weeks they will get used to it.
And dont move Big smile

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