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In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

Figured all of you whitetail hunters might get a kick out of this.

In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

One of the more inflaming quotes:

What kind of impression will a 4-year-old have of deer hunters upon remembering a wading pool full of rotting Bambi heads?

I think this guy is blowing things out of proportion. What do you think?

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In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

Being from rural ontario canada I don't understand this.All are deer are dressed in the bush for the most part,the ravens and fishers make short work of what is left.I would say this kind of practice up here would be poachers not hunters.

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In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

I think hes blowing it way proportion. I have also seen deer that people just dump anywhere they can though.

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In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

It would depend on the situation, like Sawman said up here in most places gut piles are cleaned up quickly by coyotes and such. I suppose in more built up areas where there are fewer natural scavengers this could be a problem.

Common sense is a wonderful thing, too bad it's not very common. This year I'll be hunting in a remote forested area and if I get one I'll leave the gut pile to the coyotes. Next year if I'm hunting around home where, although it's a rural area, there are still many houses around I'd take the extra time to bury the guts.

That's just me.

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In the crosshairs: Deer hunters who leave a mess

I've seen the same thing here in Vermont,people just heaving remains out, beside the road,in season and out. I enjoy going out,spending the day just enjoying the outdoors. I think that the article makes a good point,it just seems to be blown up more then it truly needs to be. i have 4 kids,two of which have witnessed these piles of remains just strewn out along a back road in the middle of (in a sense) nowhere. some people just have no respect. it gives the rest of us a bad rap.

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