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Crossbow Injuries

Doing research on crossbow injuries.
Many hunting forums have postings containing conversations about crossbow injuries.

Just the other day at a BassPro in Orlando FL, a 16 year old with his parent went to buy a crossbow. While on the BassPro shooting range the youth fired the Styker crossbow and amputated the top portion of his thumb. This according to the archery department manager. Its just that easy.

Numerous accounts of finger(s) & thumb amputations. A few bolt injuries from strings and or limbs breaking.

This by know means is a "bashing" thread, but for research information. Please serous survey responses.

Thank you,

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Are you a lawyer for that

Are you a lawyer for that family, looking for similar cases like that to use as examples in court?

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I hope this isn't a law suit

I hope this isn't a law suit seeking thread. In most cases injuries are caused by the user not the product. I have never used nor shot a crossbow due to the fact that we can't use them in Oregon, but with any weapon there is a chance of "something going wrong". What it boils down to is the user need to pay attention to what he/she is doing and respect the weapon they are using. I'm so tired of this sue happy country.

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Hmmm....I've visited lots of

Hmmm....I've visited lots of forums and here lots of crossbow bashing, but no discussion of injuries.  The bashing is related to being more gun like than bow like, but never once have I heard of an injury.

Frankly, I can't imagine if the user is using the crossbow properly how they would ampute their thumb. 

My scope attacked me the other day while shooting my .300 win mag, got the scar to prove it. Maybe we should do a survey on scope injuries?

BTW, yes, it was my fault for not holding the rifle firmly enough while shooting it.

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Applause I have used a Barnett crossbow for years without any incidents.  I agree with the other guy that most or all accidents are the user errors.  No one should be allowed to use a new type of weapon without first being educated on how to use it, but demonstrations by a qualified person.


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