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I love to hunt with a compound bow. If the law did legalized cross bows, i would have to say that would not switch over, I like the challenge of shooting a regular bow. But I do believe that it should be legalized in NY. There are many people out there who can’t pull their bow back due to age or injuries, and those people could benefit from legalizing cross bows. I also believe that if they legalize, it should be legalized during bow season. I heard they were thinking about legalizing it during muzzleloader, but this doesn’t help those individuals previously talked about. But I guess the main thing is to legalize it and then take slowly make changes. But this is just my opinion on the subject of legalizing cross bows!

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Department of Environmental Conservation has announced changes

This is issue continues to unfold in New York State.  New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced changes that will allow the use of crossbows, BUT they have proposed that crossbow use be made illegal during the regular archery season!  ::confused2   The State Department of Environmental Conservation has also announced a proposal to eliminate a very limited number of permit requirements for handicap hunters but only while proposing an introduction of new requirements for a vastly more numerous number of non-handicap hunters.  This new requirement would be that New York hunters may use a crossbow only after they have completed required training in the safe use of hunting with a crossbow and responsible crossbow hunting practices and then be required to carry afield a certificate verifying that they have completed this training.  This would mean that all of us who have already completed our hunter safety classes, and the archery safety classes, would need to go back for an additional crossbow use safety class.  I'm all for safety but that seems like a bit of over-kill to me.  The public comment period is only open for a few more days.

Here is a link to the latest news article on crossbows in New York

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I've hunted with a crossbow here in Tn and the last few years in Ky as well. Tennessee allows crossbow during any archery only seasons and Kentucky still holds some restrictions for crossbows during archery only (allowing it only during some of the archery season). The biggest reason hunters stop hunting with a typical upright bow is because of age factors (many of you younger people may not fully understnd that yet)

I find a "loaded" crossbow to be at least as dangerous as any firearm and to me, perhaps more so. Having used all three to hunt, they are definitely different than either a compound bow or rifle/shotgun, safety-wise, IMHO. Does that mean that one needs additional safety training? I would not go that far, nope!