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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

Hi fella's

I'm an archery guy from way back but I have not picked up my bow for a few years and want to get into a crossbow. Thing is, I have no clue where to start. Price is not really the determining factor but value is most certainly. I will mostly be using it for whitetails. Can anyone give me any advice on what I should be looking for in a crossbow.........I want something with some guts.

thanks in advance

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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

go to cabels.com pse makes one fine bow as well as compounds the fast it shoots might not be a bad thing im a archery hunter in calif.. we done get to play with the crossbows but pse is a great brand hope that helps

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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

I wouldn't buy anything other than a Ten Point. I've used mine for 8 years and have had other brands. IMHO, Ten Point is the best out there.

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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

If price isn't an issue, then like MNHunter said, Ten point is probably the way to go. On the other hand Horton makes some decent crossbows.

Check local regs, crossbows are not considered archery tackle everywhere and some places (like CO) require that crossbow hunters go during the non-archery seasons.

I wouldn't use a 80 lb bow on big game. I'd go for 175 lb and up. Note that they make after market cocking winders that help recocking the heavier crossbows. There not going to help you get a second shot off (noise, time, etc), but they probably help when target practicing.

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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

dude get a excalibur, solid crossbows one of the most relible out there, come in all different fps ratings so you can get what you want.

i got talked out of one of the higher fps models cause the guy was like you use this in affrica for big game not for deer,

i beleive excailbur gots 4 models off crossbows that are highly recommded by alot of people, send me a personal message and i can hook u up with some information heck i can preboaly even send you a video on them got a few of them.

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crossbow advice needed..!!!!

Dont buy one get a real bow ,not a crossgun! Shame on You!

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