Creulty to Deer in Holland

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In the Netherlands the is an nature reserve of 5000 acres. on this piece of land there are more than 550 heck cows, 1200 konikhorses en 2200 Deer. There is an big fence around the area and the animals are dying because they don't have any food. the government is using this as an experiment, so the is no hunting or feeding these animals. banghead angry

Please read the next article an look at the website, this must be stopped!

ress Report, Lelystad, March 11, 2010

Their affinity towards nature made a handful environmentalists sue the current circumstances within the Oostvaardersplassen.

The Dutch conservancy tortures animals

Dozens of red deer, horses and cows daily die within the protectorate of Oostvaardersplassen (OVP) which is maintained by the Dutch government. They die a slowly, painful and torturous death due to a lack of nutrition and essential shelter. This is reason enough for some tackling, animal loving people to take care of these circumstances and to make this practice official. The public should get an idea about the abuse of animals that actually occurs every day within the reservation. The conservancy is blamed to torture animals like it was going out of fashion.

Unworthy for helpless animals
The group introduced a webpage ( which shows secret pictures and videos of the last weeks. The tough reality is captured on camera. Together with an objective evaluation and comparative material of healthy red deer during this time of the year, made in Veluwe, it is obviously recognizable that the current situation in the OVP must be declared as highly dramatic.

The cold winter
By his own admission, the curator of the reservation stated numbers of 141 cows, 226 horses and 574 red deer that died within the period of January 1 to May 1, 2009. Facing the current cold and ongoing winter the initiators forecast that death rates will increase dramatically in 2010 towards 2009. The present population of 2,327 red deer, 1,132 horses and 569 cows that must live within he OVP, besides thousands of gooses, is far too high for the effective area of 2000 hectares. By way of comparison: in the area of Veluwe 3 red deer live on a space of 100 ha. In the OVP it is the unbelievable number of 200 (!) red deer sharing the same space of 100 ha.! A 2 meter fence bars the animals from leaving the reservation in order to find nutrition elsewhere.

Abuse of reports
The conservancy defends its procedures by the claim, that this would happen in the sense of international reports, especially the so called ICMO-report. The initiators determined, that this report has been made, to give some urgent recommendation to the Dutch state to change the situation within the OVPs for the animals purposes. Since the ICMO came into effect the circumstances changed dramatically in a negative way and the number of animals increased.

Active intervention necessary
The footage which has been released by now, shows the truth. In November 2006, the Dutch minister for Agriculture, Nature and Quality of Nutrition, Cees Veerman, declared, that the conservancy fulfils all the recommendations of the ICMO- report. The shocking pictures show that the opposite is the truth and that none of the recommendations has been fulfilled. The ICMO said:
-Early shooting prevents from redundant animal abuse
-Take care for enough shelter
-No cows within the area

Take care of the current population
Despite the commitment of the minister towards the Dutch Parliament, the conservancy does not follow the ICMO guidelines. Pictures prove that. They show the desolate, entirely bald area. Trees with no bark, dying or dead animals. Baiting is no solution for this problem. The only solution is, that the conservancy takes care of a constant population. The number of animals must not exceed the resources of nutrition within the area of OVP. Applying these recommendations, the yearly dying of animals could be prevented.

Remark for the editorial team:
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