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Crazy things said by DNR officers

In Michigan there are different types of deer license
Resident Firearm
Resident Archery
and a Resident Combo license
(There are junior, senior, and nonresident for the 3 above)

A combo license is 2 kill tags (a regular and a restricted) and can be used in both firearm and archery seasons the only difference is what you can take.
During the firearm season its bucks only. A regular is good for any male deer with an antler at least 3 inches long, and the restricted the male deer has to have 4 antler points on one side. Archery season is the same but you can also harvest does.
Well I took a nice 7 point the first week of the archery season and tagged it with my restricted license.
2 weeks later, while coming back to my truck after hunting I was stopped to have my license checked. This young DNR officer noticed that I only had the regular portion of my Combo license and asked me what I had taken with the other. and I told him about the nice 7 point. So he asked; “DID IT HAVE 4 ANTLER POINTS ON ONE SIDE"
So I said "DUH" "No it had 3 on one side 3 on the other and 1 on his butt"
Heres your sign
He wasn’t amused


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Crazy things said by DNR officers

That officer must have been from Florida.

My weiner dog and I were on a WMA scouting about a week before the season. I was on a road on my way out when a Helicopter, yes I said Helicopter, landed in the road in front of me. The officer stepped out and asked what I was doing and when I told him, he then asked to search my truck, I refused him as I was not doing anything wrong....or so I thought.
I asked him why I was being stopped and asked all these questions and was told that I had been stopped because I was "driving off an established road". I looked incrediously at him then up and down the road that my truck and this helicopter was on and asked him "just where did he land his chopper at?" To which he responded to me" right there in the road"!!! So I asked him where my truck was parked and again he answered "in the road". I then asked him how could I be driving down a road that was not established if he could land a helicopter in it and I could park my truck in it. His answer, "Just because it a road dosen't mean that it's been established". Brick Wall,)

I paid the $168.00 fine.

Side note: he tried to search my truck but my dog bit him on the elbow. Evil!

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Crazy things said by DNR officers

About 20 years ago I lived further down state. I worked construction and was laid off every winter.
So I did a lot of ice fishing.
There was this young gung ho officer (Earl) who was transferred to the area from the Gaylord area.
I met him in the parking lot at the public access of a lake one day and he checked my license.
2 days latter, out on that same lake, he checked me again.
That next weekend, he once again checked me on another lake.
The next week, while sitting in my pike spearing shanty there was a knock at the door, guess who, yep, it was Earl to check me again. I told him "Earl this is getting old" He said that he was just doing his job.
2 weeks latter, my brother were watching tip-ups on a little mill pond and here comes Earl, Now I'm discussed, I asked him if he had a mental problem and that this was taking the shape of harassment.
A week or so later, I was out on a lake where there was a fishing contest and ice carnival, I look up and here comes Earl and another officer coming across the ice, I had enough and I yelled out "Earl you SOB, Stay the hell away from me". Earl froze in his tracks, the other officer said something to him and he went off and started checking some other fishermen. That officer came over to find out what my problem was. After I told him he shook his head and told me that Earl was forced to transfer to the area because they were afraid that the locals would kill him up in the Gaylord area. Thanks a lot
Never saw Earl after that, don’t know if he was transferred again or is now asking If you would like fries with that.


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