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Coyotes in California

This just in from the "Duh" section:


It's amazing how people can be spend years studying wildlife and still not be able to figure out why a predator would attack an immature member of another species, or why in a place as liberal as California predators would lose their fear of humans. And try as they might, they can't seem to figure out how to make coyotes afraid of people again.

No doubt California will spend millions trying some politically correct way of solving this problem, when all they'd have to do is issue more tags (or set a bounty) and let sportsmen pump money into the economy to take care of it -- even with condor friendly lead - free bullets.

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Coyotes in California

I agree with you that this is ridiculous, but I think California is in a tough spot.

They have suburbs going right up into the hills where the coyotes, bears, and lions live. In most suburbs, it's illegal to fire a gun, which makes sense. So, no one ends up hunting these animals even though there is a large population.

What can the DNR do at that point?

They don't want a bunch of private citizens shooting in the suburbs, but it's really expensive to have wardens trap and shoot coyotes.

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Coyotes in California

Personally I don't think it's anything new. Similar attacks have been happening on the edges of small towns and urban city suburbs since we have had suburbs. Only thing new is that the mainstream media makes it sound as if we are suddenly now under attack by coyotes. Most rural folk just know the proper way to handle this ever present problem. I agree the modern suburbian is in a difficult position to deal with it. Can't have people shooting guns off near populated area on a regular basis. Live near wilderness and you have to be vigilant and prepared when letting your kids play outside. That's all it comes down to.

The big problem with modern urban folks who have never lived near nature or never been more than 25 yards off a hiking trail, is that they are so unprapared, both mentally and equipment wise to deal with a threat when nature attacks. They just aren't vigilant or they never imagine that a wild animal can actually attack them, their children, or their pets. Then they are often surprised when it happens and that is how the media gets a hold of the story.

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Coyotes in California

Do they still sell trapping licenses in CA?...or is that too politically incorrect for that liberal crowd?

It appears that trappers would be the best option. Although, I couldn't picture myself running a trap line behind restaurants and through neghborhoods on garbage day.

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Coyotes in California

You guys are funny with the "Liberal" comments. I live out here, and while I don't like the state in general, it's only the big cities and the state government that is full of liberals. I am a conservative Republican, as are alot of my friends. You get out of the city, and you'd swear you are in any part of New Mexico, Arkansas, Wyoming. Lots of BIG ranches, truck with gun racks, etc.

Southern CA is one of the sportfishing capitals of the world. the deer population, black bear, and antelope are great statewide. The state is possibly the biggest wild boar hunting state in the nation. Also, turkey, dove, quail, pheasant, are hugely popular.

Anyway, as for the coyote, there actually is NO closed season, and NO bag limit. Plenty of people hunt them, but the problem is that these coyote problems are in the middle of cities and towns, where you can't shoot them, use poison bait, etc. It's a tough situation, trying to find a way to deal with it.....

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