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coyote/bobcat trapping advice

Ok, so I just got into this whole trapping experience...have several number 2 Bridger traps out for a month or so, baiting with 3 meat mix and gray dog lure/coyote urine...have caught lots of opossums, neighbor's dogs, and a coon...but no coyote. I know I have them on the property along with bobcats so am surprised that have not caught any of them. Should I change baits or could my traps not be conspicuous enough for the "smarter" animals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I trapped in high school, but

I trapped in high school, but its been years.  Scent control is key.  You have to boil your traps and keep them scent free.  

Coyotes and bobcats are the toughest animals in Texas to trap.  Google up a book or video and study.  Way too much info for a single post.  But start with making sure your trap is scent free.  

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