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Coyote in Unit 9 and 7

Has any one tried or had any success at hunting for coyote in Units 9 or 7? Mainly headed north off of 180?? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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Coyote in Unit 9 and 7

Hardin, I've hunted deer and elk in Unit 9 and I saw coyotes in just about every outing that I can recall. Although I didn't specifically hunt coyotes, I'm sure both Units 9 and 7 would serve you well. I've done a little coyote calling in Unit 7E, with decent results. Get nearer the Navajo Reservation boundary for best results. Yes

The only downside is the heavy population of Flagstaff and the probable hunting pressure from varmint hunters who live there. I'd give it a crack this coming September - if'n I were you. Thumbs up


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