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Coyote track?

Hey guys tell me if you think this is a coyote track, I have found a hundred of these tracks all around my house and feild. I aint sure if its a fox or dog or coyote, i do hear alot of howling but my dad sais its just a couple of stray dogs. I measured the track to be about 2.8 in. a little under 3 inches is to big for a fox, and the stride length between each track was measured at about 17 in. way to big for a fox. so check it out and tell me what you think.

ps. sorry it so blurry.

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Coyote track?

Looks like a dog..........not a coyote

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Coyote track?

Dog, Thats a pretty wide and deep imprint for a yote im my opinion

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Coyote track?

I vote for dog also. Sounds too big for coyote.

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Coyote track?

Looks like a dog to me also,...UNLESS,...

...from where you come from your yotes' weigh in at about 130 - 150 lbs or so.

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