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Coyote taken on Thermal


Heard coyotes howl in the distance and was startled by a return call from just below my stand down in a deep ravine.  I spotted the coyote trotting through the ravine with a thermal spotting scope and by the time I got my rifle up and running, making distress calls, the coyote was over 90 yards away and nearly atop the far bank of the ravine.  You can't see the ravine or much of the detail of the landscape because the humidity was so high that the conditions were terrible for thermal.  Pretty much anything not generating its own heat just grayed-out into everything else.


This coyote was taken as a part of a wildlife management plan.

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Great shot and nice video.

Great shot and nice video. Keep up doing the good work on the yotes.

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Now that was COOL , i like that. I wish we could do that here in SASK

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