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coyote pelt tanning

anyone know an easy way to tan a coyote pelt

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coyote pelt tanning

give syd matchett a call man up the norwest. he should beable to help ya out Thumbs up

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coyote pelt tanning

I've used the tanning kits before with some success. Be sure to get it fleshed well and use a coyote sized hanger to dry. I tried drying one by hanging it from its nose...i ended up with a wiener dog! They will stretch way out when they're wet.
It's a pretty easy and straight forward process.

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coyote pelt tanning

Yea you always have to make sure to flesh em as good as you can then salt them right away and stretch em on a board for about 2 weeks to dry.

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Check the tips section of BGH

Check the tips section of BGH, I just submitted a tip with my home hide tanning process.

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