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Coyote hunting Tips

Hey guys, I'm planning on doing some coyote hunting this season (I've heard and seen a bunch on the land I'm deer hunting this year) and was just looking for any tips you guys could provide.

I've ordered an electronic predator call and a predator stake w/ a decoy already. If my state allows it should I bait them? I was thinking about picking up road kill and putting it in the place I've set up my stand.

Any other ideas??

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Coyote hunting Tips

Yes, if allowed use bait. But use only road kill deer and if you know a trapper see if you can get some beaver carcuses. Yes

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Coyote hunting Tips

Since you're asking for ideas....growing up my dad used to take kittens out to hunt coyote. The kittens would come home (most of the time ) but he says they're better than the calls. That's what growing up on a farm with a few stray kittens around will do for ya.

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Coyote hunting Tips

keep the wind in your face or your wasting your time...camo is just as important for 'yotes as it is for deer or turkeys....keep a site baited year round if you can with anything edible,trust me a 'yote and bobbies will make a meal of anything they can get in their mouths!...I once had the chance to watch a pair of 'yotes fight over which one was going to get the biggest portion of an old sneaker!!!!

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