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Coyote hunting in IL.

I am looking to start coyote hunting. Public land is my choice right know. Just wanted to know if anyone knew of any good area for coyote hunting.


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Welcome to the forum.  I

Welcome to the forum.  I can't help you with Illinois but I can tell you that a lot of the coyote or preditor hunters are closed lipped about where they hunt.  Coyotes are a smart animal and quickly become call shy so the hunters don't want a new hunter causing problems in the areas that they hunt in. 

My suggestion is to find a open area that is fairly brushy and has some ravines running through it.  Set up a call and see what happens.  Just remember that when they are coming in they are usually quite wary and will be looking for any movement so you are going to have to be quite still, even if you are sitting in a blind.  You may also want to ask around a gun shop or a sporting goods dealer in smaller towns and see if they may be able to give you a hand.

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Well thanks for the help. Yea I'm finding that out that coyote hunting is kind of a closed group.

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