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Coyote Den

I found a coyote den yesterday. It was the first active den I have ever found and I found it interesting. Unfortunetly I happened to stumble across it while scouting for turkey hunting. I walked up a hill and saw a pile of fresh dirt, as soon as I saw the dirt I saw hair moving. A little pup came around the dirt mound and sat down and looked right at me followed by another pup. I couldn't believe how small the hole they were living in was. I don't think a full grown coyote would be able to fit in it. Anyhow I think I need to find a new turkey hunting spot. The pups like like a 8 week old puppy.

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Great time to do a little

Great time to do a little control, get them now before they start eating

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coyote charge

My wife was jogging with our 15 month old American Bulldog at dusk a few weeks ago when she was literally charged at by a coyote and almost attacked.  It came running at her from a cattle pasture field across the road to where she was. Scared the living hell out of her.  She said our dog didn't seem phased a bit.  I told her if she ever runs into trouble when jogging with our dog, just let her off the leash, she'll still follow our voice commands while protecting.  That dog is a hog dog, so I'm sure she can hold her own against any coyote just fine. Big smile

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