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Cow talk

I am new to Elk hunting and have been lucky enough to be able to watch a herd here in Washington both before season started and now that it's 3 days into the season. My question is about the cows after the main Bull of the herd is killed. The main Bull was a 6X6 and was shot opening morning, there are a couple of spike Bulls with the Cows now. Do the Cows of the herd become more vocal, after the main Bull is gone, in an effort to attract a mature Bull? I saw the Cows this evening and they seemed to be calling a lot more than before.
Thanks for any information and or opinions.

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Cow talk

Welcome to BGH! The rut should be pretty much over and most bulls will have left the cows by now, unless some of them didn't get bred the first and second cycle. Cow elk talk all year long. If a cow is unbred and in heat, she'll usually make a longer Mew....like EEEE-OOOO and many times they'll Mew back to back.

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Cow talk

In my 30years of hunting Washington genral elk seasons I have heard very few elk make any sounds during the daylight hours. With the hunting pressure starting in Sept. they really shutup after the main rut. They will make some noise after hunting season is over and woods become qwiet again.

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