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Cow Moose Info

I initially posted this in the Moose section here on BGH, but got no response. Hoping someone here can help, maybe one of you fellers in Utah or Wyoming...

I was lucky enough to draw a cow moose tag in CO for the upcoming 2010 archery season in September. There is a lot of general information out there on hunting moose, but most, if not all, that I have found focuses on bull hunting. Does anyone have any advice on where to find specific information about hunting cows? Any information that you experienced moose hunters want to share here?

I'll be hunting in north-central colorado, within a few mile of the WY border, season is 9/11 - 9/25. Will the moose be into their rut by this time at this latitude, and will it make any difference with respect to looking for a cow instead of a bull? Spot and stalk? Stand hunt?

Any information is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Re: Cow Moose Info

I don't know if this will help, but I saw several cows last year during 1st rifle in the Rawahs. A couple were still pretty high up at 10k feet with 10 inches of snow on the ground. At least, I was suprised to see them that high with that kind of snow on the ground. Also saw some down low by the trailhead.

I know in Sept they will be in different places but I did see several different cows on this hunt. Probably woundn't be a bad place to start. Not much help but it's all the info I have. Good luck

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