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I have a cow hide I had

I have a cow hide I had tanned hair on and I love it,so do most women folk... very soft and warm. I plan on taking any hide I can get out to use as covering for my furniture. I've had two deer hides done. Good price from that company. I was wondering if anyone has a do-it-yourself recipe? I had one but lost it. It was a simple soak and cure. Soda ash or something.

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Cabels's sells kits for you

Cabels's sells kits for you to do a hair on or a hair off tan that includes just about everything that you need to tan a hide by yourself.  I have used them a couple of times with mixed results.  The big thing is that you can't get into a hurry.  Back when I was in highschool I also did the brain tan.  It was interesting but I doubt that I would ever try that again.  You just have so many days before the brain starts to degenerate. 

In the long run unless you really want to do a do it yourself tan job send it out the the pros. 

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Brain tanning is the best.

Brain tanning is the best. Then you need to smoke it so it stays soft when it gets wet.

It's very labor intensive to tan a hide. Much harder than hauling out the hide. It's no wonder it cost so much to by one already tanned. You aren't paying for the hide. Those are cheap. You're paying for the labor.

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I've just left the hides in

I've just left the hides in the past, I wasn't going to use it and didn't want to pack out the extra weight. I have brought out a few from elk we could get out whole, but even then I'd take it to a shop and trade it in for a pair of gloves. I have some family members that get them tanned and use them for blankets but I don't want to spend the money on that right now with 3 young kids in the home it would end up with juice stains and holes. Good luck on your hunt.

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