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Cow Elk Hunt Oct 21-28 2006

I have a cow elk tag for unit 10 in Colorado for the Oct 21-28 season and am staying in Dinosaur,CO. This will be my first hunt in unit 10 and am looking for some suggestions from previous hunters on where I might start to hunt on public land. Also if you have had success with landowner permission, that too would be very helpfulI . I have a BLM map of the area and also have a topo software to create whatever topos I need.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Cow Elk Hunt Oct 21-28 2006

There is enough public land on 10 that getting private access shouldn't be an issue. To figure out where to go you may want to start with the DOW's interactive maps that show winter, summer, and migratory range. While a broad brush they help in starting to pin-point a location to hunt on public land.


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