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Cow Calling After The Rut

I've read some conflicting information about using a cow call in the late season. Some sources say that bulls will come in to them in the late season quietly....and other sources say they will scare bulls away.

Do any of you have experience with late season and cow calls?


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Cow Calling After The Rut

Elk call to each other as a way to locate each other. If a bull is looking for company of a herd, I found that cow calls still work. The bulls don't charge in like during the rut. But a cow call will often stop/freeze a bull in his tracks for a shot. Same thing in the archery season. A cow call after the shot often stops a mortally wounded bull from head running as far.

they are herd animals and want to be in the presence of other elk. You are not going to get a bull to climb over a ridge to come to a late season cow call. But it will help to cover any noise you might make approaching the bull. The bull will let his guard down thinking the snap of a branch is just a cow wandering nearby.

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Cow Calling After The Rut

I would agree with Painted Horse, although i have heard that some bulls will respond to cow calls because they are hoping to catch a cow that hasn't been breeded yet. I read that cows sometimes have more than one breeding cycle because sometimes they miss the first one during the rut, so naturally a bull would try to breed her. I would check out the book "Elk hunting the west" by mike eastman. there's a whole chapter about late season habits in there

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