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  I have read many different


I have read many different opinions over the years on scent blockers.  The one poster is correct in that you will never eliminate your human scent totally.  All I do is the same with the detergent and soaps but I have started something new that one poster has on the "Tips" portion of this web site.  Go to this link... http://www.biggamehunt.net/tips/make-your-own-cover-scent

Arrowflipper has done an excellent job of detailing how easy and free this formula is.  Simply pulling the normally growing plants, shrubs, leaves, grasses, etc... from the area you hunt and soak them in rubbing alcohol for a couple of weeks in a sealed container.  Strain out the debris and use the water solution within a spray bottle to spray yourself and your clothes. 

Very simple and it works as good if not better than what you spend your hard earned money on. 

AND - wind direction is also important here as well. 


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