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a couple of trail camera questions.

I got some questions with trail cameras. I presently have 2 cameras and am wanting one with the infared for at night.

i personaly believe the flash scares the big bucks away. What infared camers work best.

How does the camera attatch to the tree? I don't care for the bungee cord style.
WHat type of batteries does it take?
What type of battery do you feel last longer. The 6 volt or a bunch of d cell batteries.

How quick are the pictures taken?


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a couple of trail camera questions.

It all depends on your price range. The new scout guard sg550 is one of my favorites. Great price and competes with the big boys. Real small in size and comes in solid green or camo. Its 5 MP and uses AA batteries. The preferred battery would be duracells and they last. Takes great pics and especially videos. Trigger time is a great 1.2 - 1.3 seconds! They use the SD cards which the recommended one for those are the Kingston 2GB SD cards.There are some folks out there that sell the security box for them. You can check out the stats here. Also chasingame has detailed reviews on them.



and if size is not an issue, here is the other style which comes in 5MP and 8 MP! They use rechargeable Li-ion batteries.



You can also go the the distributors site which is http://www.huntingcamonline.com