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Couple ND Bucks

These three bucks are basically living on our property and we have marked them as definate shooters. Just curious what everyone thinks they would score? The third one is kind of on the thin side! If you had your choice, which
one would you take first?

First two pix are of a 5x5
Next two pix are of a 5x6
The last two are of a 4x4

nice five2.jpg
nice five2.jpg110.16 KB
nice four.jpg
nice four.jpg138.41 KB
5 x 6 New buck2.jpg
5 x 6 New buck2.jpg653.89 KB
5 x 6.jpg
5 x 6.jpg662.6 KB
4 x 4 3.jpg
4 x 4 3.jpg94.95 KB
4 x 4 4.jpg
4 x 4 4.jpg98 KB
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I would take any one of them

I would take any one of them without issue. As for scoring them it is pretty hard from the pics provided. Good luck on your hunt with them! Be certain to share your story and pics after the hunt!

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Awesome bucks there!!! I'd take the first one that gives me a shot...personally I like the 4 for athestics.

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Some beautiful bucks right

Some beautiful bucks right there!!!  Like to see some photos of them dead...... Wink

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nice bucks you got there. not

nice bucks you got there. not sure on the score but I bet it's high. Hope you can run into them during day light hours.

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All of them are nice

As for the scores I think the first buck would score in the 140's, the second buck looks like a younger deer with great genetics. I would guess him at mid to high 140's. His tines look shorter than the first buck and his main beams look alittle shorter. As for the last buck, the 8 pointer, I'd put him a couple inches on either side of 120. All shooters in my book

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