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Could a 13 and a half or 14 year old handle a 30-06 or .300 win mag or a .300 wsm ?

Could a 13 1/2 year old kid or 14 yearold kid handle the recoil of a 30-06 or a .300 win. mag or a .300 WSM ? The biggest gun he has shot was a 20 gauge auto-loader using a 2 3/4 trap loads going maybe 1000-1100 fps. Would any managed recoil or low recoil rounds lower the recoil to around the recoil of the 20 gauge ? Would it at least get close to the 20 gauge ? 

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Depending on the kids size I

Depending on the kids size I would recommend the .30-06 and no bigger. I was shooting a 06 when I was 12 but it was only at rabbits and there were no reduced loads for it like there is now and I weighed 100 lbs dripping wet. If you reload then either of the magnums would be OK if you down loaded them.

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maybe and maybe not. You'll

maybe and maybe not. You'll find out after the first shot. I'm 5' 11" weigh 220# and I waant nothing to do with magnums anymore. Do the kid a favor and get him either a 260 Rem or 7-08. maybe even a 308 win. You hurt him going in, gettinmg over it could take a long time.

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If there are no other rifles available(?) then one could make a 30/06 or .300mag work with reduced recoil ammo, or a .300SM work with a reduced recoil reload (I've never seen factory reduced recoil ammo for it). As far as subjecting a youngster to the recoil in full factory loads in any of the three, I'd not recommend that. I've seen adults get whacked hard enough by these three that they wanted no part of shooting them any more and add to that the possibility of a youngster getting "scoped" (or scope eye, if u prefer) and you could lose them to shooting for a very long time, IMHO. 

If reduced recoil loads are used, then I see no problem with it; same as shooting a 6 1/2 pound 30-30 or a .300 Savage, known to be light reoiling loads that also put a serious hurt on any deer-sized game.

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depends on the kid.
A light 30-06 load may be fine.
My sone wanted nothing to do with the 7.62x39 carbine and 20 gauge I had set aside for him. He went right to the 30-06 and 12 gauge. I was afraid too much recoil would give him a flinch. But with a shooting vest to practice and a slip on buttpad for the stock, he never looked back. I ended up giving him the 30-06 and he wants my 12 gauge!

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