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Cougars and Bobcats in Wisconsin

anyone know if this is true? real do we have these 2 critters coming back? maybe they can take care of the CWD deers as the hunters are not doing that well...

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Cougars and Bobcats in Wisconsin

I don't think bobcats ever left, they're just rare. I find prints occasionally when I tromp around in the winter. (North-central WI) I've never seen one, though. There's lynx once you get north of HWY 8. We've seen them. Again, they're rare. We had several sightings of cougars in the late 80s around our place, but nothing since then. For about three years, people including me saw them, and then they seemed to disappear. The rumor was that the DNR planted them on a neighbor's 320 acres. Made sense, since we always saw them near our 150 acre property or theirs.
Now that there are wolves around, hard to say what it might do to the cat situation. There should still be plenty of rabbits and rodents, not to mention deer and turkeys for all of them to eat.

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