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I say we need to get hounds back in the woods and start scaring the kittys back in the trees so we can shoot them....

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Darn near every problem we have, our legislators are responsible for. They keep caving into the enviormental people. I think their adjenda is to give the earth back to the animals and drive man back into a cave! S.S.S.

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You're right on about that! Thumbs up

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I recently did a research paper for a forest biology class i attended at a local university. In Oregon, since the hound/bait ban on cougar hunting was enacted,
the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that the cougar population has tripled if not more. That is is only since 1994. What this represents is a fast and unhealthy rise in predator numbers at a time when the prey numbers are decreasing. ODFW's management number for cougars are 3,000 for the entire state of Oregon. That is the number they want it be at or close to. Instead, the population has far away surpassed this number and continues to rise. As of may 2006, ODFW estimated the number of cougars in Oregon to be around 8500 -9000 animals!

This is a MAJOR problem and a serious threat to maintaining healthy numbers of elk and deer. ANY hunter who loved to hunt in Oregon should buy a cougar tag AND USE IT!! Cougars will come to a variety of predator an fawn and cow calls.

FYI..... The info came from the wonderful biologists at the ODFW office here in Springfield OR.

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Cougar and Bear?

Makwa - you mentioned you were a cougar guide? I'm coming back to hunting after 20yrs and want to try predator in North Coast Oregon. Could you give me a couple pointers as to the best/better ways to hunt cats? e.g.; spot/stalk?, blind?, stand?, etc. Also any particular precautions I should take other than watching my a$$ obviously.

Any advise/suggestions would be welcome...

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Good thread, guys!
Thumbs up

Totally selfish, but I like the idea of having a better chance to call one... and actually kill it! (I called two last year, but put nothing on the ground.)

But if they start getting too numerous, and end up taking a child or etc. then I think the dogs need to be allowed back into the woods. The old timers I've talked to don't remember the lions down in the valley like we have now. It's possible that the old and the young cats are getting too brazen. I think we need to watch that carefully. (Already 3 cougar/human conflicts this season within 20 miles of me.)

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