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That is a good comparison for size.

I've actually hunted from Medford through Roseburg and Eugene.  Their is a huge abundance of Columbian Blacktails in comparison to Coues.  We do have pockets of Coues in the high timber on reservations and in southern 3C and 3B that are actually easier to hunt than the desert and high desert animals.

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You are absolutly correct

You are absolutly correct Alpine, We have a lot of blacktails all through out western oregon. They are a lot harder to hunt up north though. The other comparison i could make is to the columbian whitetail. they are a very small deer both in body size and antler size and we have very few in the state. we have 2 rifle hunts for them a year with very little sucess. you can find them in southern oregon, where you have mentioned. Where are you from? how did you come to hunt in oregon?

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Arizona tends to have left

Arizona tends to have left over tags for sale every year for Coues Deer.


That's because the best places to hunt them are right on the border, and the probability of running in to dopers, illegals, and armed robbers that prey on them is very high. Bring your rifle, but also bring your handgun, bullet resistant vest, and a lot of prayer.


I view it as going back in time and trying to hunt in Indian Country with hostile Apaches all around me.



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Coues deer are easy?

I know this is an old topic...However....

We are 5 for 5 on Coues deer so far.  I've taken 3 pope and young bucks with my bow and a very nice one with a rifle.  My 14 year old son shot his first deer with a bow and it was a P&Y record book Coues. 

Arizona has a ton of them and the archery tag is over the counter.  The archery season covers January (the Coues rut), a couple weeks in August, and the last two weeks of December.  If you cant chase them with a bow you can apply for a rifle draw hunt and come down in November and December (in some areas).

As people in this post have stated the bucks are not very big.  Our bucks weighed in at 87, 84, 111, 104 and 92LBS dressed.  If you come with a bow be confident hitting little targets and I recommend using a rangefinder 100% of the time.  There's lots of wide open country down here and there is a possibility of some long shots.  Our kill shots ranged from 27 yards to 80 yards with a bow and I shot my buck with a rifle at 185 yards.

That being said they are not the easiest creatures to hunt, they call them the gray ghost for a reason.  One of the biggest differences in hunting them compared to Muleys is that they can be hard or even impossible to pattern.  A muley will usually hang out in the same area and move through at predictable times.  A Coues buck will come through whenever he damn well pleases and hardly ever move through an area with any sort of predictability.  The does are a little more predicable so when the rut comes along pattern the does and wait for the bucks....

Let me know if you have any questions...

this picture shows three of our Coues, two javalina and my sons first deer, a desert Muley

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My brother (coincidentally,

My brother (coincidentally, the guy that started this thread) was trying to convince me to go pickup one of the OTC tags last January. It was just too short notice for me and I was out of vacation days at work from other hunts. 

With these non-permit otc tags do you need to buy the general licens also? Looking at it, I see $300 for the tag and $160 for the general license? That isnt too bad if you know you have a good opportunity to get into some deer. It also looks like they dont differentiate between muleys and coues as far as tags are concerned and you could shoot a muley if you came accrossed one? 

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Yes, you will need the

Yes, you will need the general license as well.  It is an "any antlered deer" so you can shoot a muley if you see one.  The couse rut is in January and the muleys are right at the tail end of theirs. 

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