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That is a good comparison for size.

I've actually hunted from Medford through Roseburg and Eugene.  Their is a huge abundance of Columbian Blacktails in comparison to Coues.  We do have pockets of Coues in the high timber on reservations and in southern 3C and 3B that are actually easier to hunt than the desert and high desert animals.

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You are absolutly correct

You are absolutly correct Alpine, We have a lot of blacktails all through out western oregon. They are a lot harder to hunt up north though. The other comparison i could make is to the columbian whitetail. they are a very small deer both in body size and antler size and we have very few in the state. we have 2 rifle hunts for them a year with very little sucess. you can find them in southern oregon, where you have mentioned. Where are you from? how did you come to hunt in oregon?

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Arizona tends to have left

Arizona tends to have left over tags for sale every year for Coues Deer.


That's because the best places to hunt them are right on the border, and the probability of running in to dopers, illegals, and armed robbers that prey on them is very high. Bring your rifle, but also bring your handgun, bullet resistant vest, and a lot of prayer.


I view it as going back in time and trying to hunt in Indian Country with hostile Apaches all around me.



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