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Cost of shipping

You know its sucks to go on a trip of a life time, be sucessful,kill your first Elk and they want $1000 to ship it back to home( Prosessed) but still thats crazy any opinions? I donated the meat to a local sienor citizen home.

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Checked baggage

I bring 48 qt plastic coolers home with me on the plane. Checked baggage and packed with a little dry ice. $50 per cooler if you keep them under 50# each. Don't go over 50 # or it doubles the price. You need to cut and wrap up your own meat but it's not that hard, just takes time. If you have buddys to help it can be done. Ship your other bags UPS, except the gun(s). Donate what you don't want to bring home (burger meat, shanks, etc). The only problem is that if you get one just before you leave you have a time crunch.

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