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correct rifle

i am going hunting big game for the first time and need some advice. I have two rifles and need to know which the readers reccommend. I can shoot them both well. I have a .243 & a 7mm rem. mag. Also what grain of ammunition. Thanks in advance

ps my shots will probably be within 300 yards.

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correct rifle

shoot the gun you are most comfortable with, shot placement is the key. If you are sure your shots will be 250 yards or less, and you are younger, I would use the .243 because it has less kick and you will be less likely to jerk the trigger. If you are hunting larger deer like Muley's, and are pretty sure the shots could be in open country over 250 yards, then practice with the 7mm and use it with 150 grain nosler partitions. use 100 - 110 grain partitions in the .243. coueshunter

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correct rifle

coueshunter said it right.Shoot the gun you are most comfortable with.I also shoot noslar partitions in my .270 and they work well.My brother inlaw has a .243 and a 7mm.He has harversted plenty of deer and varmits with both guns.He also shoots nosler's
Good luck!

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correct rifle

What is the enviroment your hunt will take place in? If it is windy,or you are shooting long ranges,I would choose the 7mm due to the heavier bullet.The .243 will work fine, as long as strong wind doesn't curse you.As far as bullets? I would say an 85 gr. for the .243, and a 140gr. for the 7mm.

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