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correct bullet

am planning a deer hunt in north carolina. my freind says shots will be from 75yds to 350yds. i am using a 30-06 and thinking about using 180 grain scirocco bullets because my 30-06 prefers 180grain bullets and the scirocco is pretty accurate out of it. the deer in n.c. aren't to big. is this to much bullet. does anyone have experience using the scirocco bullet.

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correct bullet

I don't have any experience with that bullet, and don't use that weight on deer myself. However, if that is what is most accurate out of your rifle I'd use it. Especially at the longer distances you mentioned.

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correct bullet

I use the 180 gr scirocco bullet in my 300 RUM and you just can't go wrong with that bullet. I have read that it is among the best bullets money can buy right now. Use the scirocco and have fun.

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correct bullet

I have shot several deer with a .308 winchester, and a .300 win mag. My personnal choice, is the Sierra 125 gr. spitzer for the .308, and the Sierra 165 gr. spitzer for the .300. deer are narrow, and a slow expanding bullet will pass through, before it transfers any energy. As far as accuracy, a 3" 5 shot group will hit the kill zone of a deer, and almost any rifle will achieve that type of accuracy (hopefully much better) with any modern hunting bullet.

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correct bullet

If this is what your gun shoots best don't change it.

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