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Coon Hound for Pheasant?

Early July a black and tan coon hound pup showed up on my front doorstep. He was only about two months old, skinny, and had a hurt paw. There had been a lot of instances of people just leaving their pets behind when their homes were foreclosed and I believe that's what happened here.

He has an unbelievable nose and was wondering if anyone has expierience in pheasant hunting with one. I would like to do some type of hunting with him, although I don't bear hunt. My only concern with pheasant hunting would be trying to keep his baying and howling under control.

Here is a picture of my Chocolate cuddling with him.

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Coon Hound for Pheasant?

you could always team up with someone and hog hunt
but hey it sounds like you've got a good coon hound on your hands

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Coon Hound for Pheasant?

A coon hound. Only one problem I can see. How you gonna keep it in shotgun range? I've seen all kinds of dogs hunt phesant's. Any dog with a decent nose and a desire to find something could be trained to hunt birds if, it could be kept in range. Coon hounds are bred to go look for game and run it up a tree and wait till the boss get's there to shoot it. But it should certainly have the nose if you can hold it in. If you can't, don't be disappointed, that's not what it was bred to do.

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Coon Hound for Pheasant?

Why not just use it for hunting coons?

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Re: Coon Hound for Pheasant?

You should get it to work with some training. I trained a beagle 15 years ago to hunt quail and she was really good at tracking them down. I started the pup chasing a quail wing around the back yard tied to a fishing pole and she got that sent in her memory. She would run right over rabbit trails and stay right on the quail scent. She would only howl when she was ready to flush the birds. I would see if you can get the dog interested in a phesant wing and train her range control, it worked for our beagle and should work for your dog.

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