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COOLER size for black bear

Going on a black bear hunt in Northern Ontario. I'm curious what size cooler is needed to bring back the caped bear. 200-250 are the norm and a few guys take some 300-400 each year. I want a cooler large enough to accommodate a big bear. any suggestions would be great.

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A few questions for you, is

A few questions for you, is the meat going to be processed or quartered, and if quartered bone in or bone out, also how far of a drive home once you get the bear? Processed and quartered with the bone out you may get away with a 120 qt cooler with even a good size bear.

I have a 120 qt cooler that I have built a small box in the bottom of it with a expanded metal top that way I can fill the bottom with blocks of ice and when it melts it will never get to the meat. I have put two mule deer into that cooler after I had boned it out.

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I agree with Critter

I bring a colman extreme 150 qt. cooler to Quebec every spring. I debone any meat I bring back and you would be very surprised how much meat and hide you can get in there. This past spring I fit my bear (over #300) and my buddy's (just under #300) in there. I would say there was around #200 +/- of deboned meat. We left the hides there to be tanned this year. In past years I have easily put my bear, meat, hide and skull with room to spare in that cooler. Good luck. Kevin

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