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Conversation with a D about Obama

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Conversation with a D about Obama

Heaven help us if the gauge of presidential success is how he does in a public opinion poll from Tuesday to Friday. That'll get him on Mount Rushmore for sure. eye roll

Polls reflect public opinion, and that opinion is based on what they're presented. And public opinion isn't always right. Feed the public garbage, and they'll spit out garbage when you ask them. Public opinion has been wrong way too many times in history.

For example, when Democratic governor Orval Faubus mobilized the Arkansas National Guard in 1957 to try to stop school integration after the "Brown v. Board of Education" decision, it was Republican President Eisenhower that federalized the Guard and sent in the Army to get the black students to school.

In an interview with Mike Wallace on Sept 15th, 1957, Faubus referenced a scientific poll that showed that 82 percent of the population of Little Rock agreed with him. That doesn't mean he was right.

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