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Contender help!

I need some expert Contender advice. I have an opportunity to buy a Contender sn102xxx, 14in, 35 Rem, Bushnell 1.3, with the original box. The whole deal is $400. Can you experienced people out there fill me in or give me a better understanding of the plusses and minuses of this setup? Would I have any trouble finding barrels and accessories for such an old Contender?

I have wanted to get into handgun hunting for several years so this seems like a good way to start. Since I hunt bear and elk a lot, the 35 Rem seems like a good idea. Thanks for the help, I need it.

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Contender help!

Don't know a lot about contenders to be honest. If the gun shoots well the price is definetly right.

The few folkes that I do know that have them and bought extra barrels all ended up getting rid of all but one barrel. They just leave their one favorite cal on and that is that. So if you think that the 35 rem will be a good round for you and the gun shoots good? What the heck????

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Contender help!

I purchased my first contender 30 odd years ago ,still have it most contender barrels will fit it including the new G2 barrels but none of the encore barrels will fit.The 35 Rem is one of my favorite, mine is 14 in SS with a muzzle brake ,some people don't like the noise but most 30 cal or larger have stout recoil with hunting loads,also a set of pachmayr grips will lessen the sting

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Re: Contender help!

You can find a good selection of Contender barrels at E. Arthur Brown. You can see their selection at http://www.eabco.com/tcpage.html

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Contender help!

Used with prudence, the .35 Rem in the Contender will work on Elk and Black Bear.
Personally I would prefer the Encore with a bit more muscle.
That isn't a bad price though!

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