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Conservatives single largest group

This is for all you folks that wait breathlessly for the latest polls!

Gallup's newest poll: “Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group. Since Gallup says its so - it must be so!! 40% consider themselves conservatives, 35% as moderates and only 21% liberals! Ha ha! And it gets even better, they say the conservative group is growing! lol


I imagine the longer we have this liberal mess of a government to deal with, the more people will come around and see they've been hoodwinked into something they never wanted. The pendulum is coming back to the right! Thumbs up So all you lefties are gonna have to suck it up and deal with it!

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Conservatives single largest group

I too saw that poll. Gallup is one of my regular go to sites.

I read the entire poll, not just the headline, especially the results based on party affiliation. Republicans tend to self identify more often as conservatives, and Democrats less so, but 22% of the Demcocratic Party do. When I call myself a conservative I get laughed at on this site, but not on Democratic sites. When leaners are counted in (and leaners mean that's how they vote but they don't belong) the 21% share of Dems self identifying as conservative grows in shear numbers.

Dems and leaners are 51% so a 21% share of them is a lot of people. Republicans and leaners are 39% the 69% share of them adds up to greater #s but not overwhelmingly so.

Partly I think the numbers represent different ideas on what being a conservative or liberal means. Different people have different answers. Notice "moderate" is the largest group amongst Dems with leaners?

Notice the percent liberals in the Republican Party, 3%. That's a party that doesn't allow any deviation from the orthodoxy. Notice how the parties seem split by race of late? Where is a conservative African American to go? What about a strong second amender whose #1 concern is health care? Where to the hunter who isn't religious and is scared of the overlap of religion with politics?

Special message for all you moderate or conservative hunters. Plenty of space for you over at the big tent party.

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Conservatives single largest group

Cowgal, what I thought was interesting was the growth in those who consider themselves "conservative." Coupled with the European elections, it seems the trend is moving to the right.

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Conservatives single largest group

Don't know where you got that from Expatriate? The report notes little change over the last decade except slight polorization of late. The liberal grouping is actually growing faster than the conservatives, (third to last paragraph) or just look at the graph.

The most conservative country in Europe is far to the left of American progressives. I could only wish we were as "conservative" as Europe. I doubt Europe is about to give up guranteed education through advanced degrees, medical care and non interventionist foreign policy, to say nothing of high wages a good social safety net and six week vacations.

To look to the future I look at the young demographic, amongst 18 to 29 yr olds libralism and moderation burries conservatism.

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