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Congressman Mike Coffman

With quite a few members here in Colorado I'm suprised nobody here has commented on the recent statements made by Congressman Mike Coffman. 

I agree with what he said and undertand the context of what he meant.  No I'm not a Birther either, but I fully understood the Congressmans full meaning to his statement.  My only disappointment is that the Congressman recanted and made an apology, which to me was totally unnessesary.  I've always admire and had a great appreciation for Mike Coffman.  He is one politician who has twice in his political career voluntarily taken unpaid leaves of absence and gone active duty to be deployed to defend freedom -  once during Dester Storm and once during the current war on terror. Lets not forget his personal involvement in prmoting Democracy and freedom in Iraq. I respect that very much and I see eye to eye with Coffmans political ideals as well.  Overall I just think he's a very stand-up guy and a true American patriot.  The only accountability I think he needs to be held to is that he needs to stand by his original statement and further explain to the masses what he means so there is no confusion.  We should be allowed to speak our minds and voice our beliefs in this country freely, without having to offer apologies or recantments of what we say, even if those beliefs are that Obama isn't a true American in his heart. I believe Congressman Coffman was judging Obama bases on the presidents actions as a past political leader and current president, and that's good enough for me.

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