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Confusing conical testing

My friend and I are planning a muzzleloader hunt in CO this season for elk and mule deer. We bought several different conicals and went shooting this past Saturday. However, neither of us can explain the results. We were tracking velocites and shooting 100 yard groups. The 2 test guns were a TC Triumph and a TC Endeavor. Both guns are .50 cal and have 28" barrels. The Triumph has a slightly tighter bore (observed through loading). We both were shooting Blackhorn 209 powder with CCI primers. Our loads were identical in every way however the Endeavor consistently achieved much higher velocities than the Triumph. Can anyone explain the observed disparity in velocity? See selected data below.

80 g. Blackhorn 209 w/ 460 g. No Excuses Conical
Triumph = 1400 fps
Endeavor = 1750

80 g. Blackhorn 209 w/ 440 g. Parker Industries Hydracon
Endeavor = 1765 fps
90 g. Blackhorn 209 w/ 440 g. Parker Industries Hydracon
Triumph = 1500 fps

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Confusing conical testing

First off welcome.

On to your question. When it comes to ML to get optimum performance (i.e. speed and energy) when the powder charge finishes burning is the key in relation to where the projectile is. The old time black powder guys would take a new gun and shoot it over snow or lay a white sheet on the ground in front of them. They would start at the guns cal in gr of BP and each shot advance either 5 or 10 gr. When they got a shot that left unburned powder on the ground in front of them, they would back the load up 5 gr and that was their optimum load.

What it is, is you want the powder to finish burning right as or just before the bullet leaves the barrel. 80 gr is not a lot for most BP substitutes in a 50 cal gun. Thought the 1765 fps would not agree with me on this statement Mr. Cool! . I don't know anything about the burn rate of this powder. You said that the slower gun loaded "harder". It may be possible that the powder burn is conplete with the bullet still too far down the bbl? I would take it back to the range and shoot it increasing by 5 or 10 gr up to 100 or 120 gr's and see what happens?

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Confusing conical testing

80gr bh209 is good load. bh209 is a lot hotter than bp/pyrodex. Yes